How it works

Third-party library

It communicates with Polkadot Chain by using @polkadot/api

Client URL

Use for querying the balances and transactions.

  • Mainnet:
  • Testnet:

Use WS provider for making a transfer.

  • Mainnet: [wss://]
  • Testnet: [wss://]

Explorer URL


Address Generation

It supports the BIP44 path derivations. By default, the index is 0. - 44/354/0/0/0

Blockchain-specific functions

Estimate fees

Estimate fees before transfer.

type TxParams = {
  asset?: Asset // BTC.BTC
  amount: BaseAmount // in base format (10**8)
  recipient: Address // address
  memo?: string // optional memo to pass
estimateFees(params: TxParams): Promise<Fees>