How it works

Third-party library

It communicates with Bitcoin by using bitcoinjs-lib

Client URL

  • Mainnet:
  • Testnet:

Explorer URL


Address Generation

It supports the BIP44 path derivations.

By default, the index is 0. - 84'/2'/0'/0/0 for mainnet, 84'/1'/0'/0/0 for testnet

Blockchain-specific functions

Additional functions to get fee information

  • getFeesWithRates
  • getFeesWithMemo
  • getFeeRates
type FeeRate = number
type FeeRates = Record<FeeOptionKey, FeeRate>
type FeesWithRates = { rates: FeeRates; fees: Fees }

getFeesWithRates(memo?: string): Promise<FeesWithRates>
getFeesWithMemo(memo: string): Promise<Fees>
getFeeRates(): Promise<FeeRates>