How to use


yarn add @xchainjs/xchain-midgard-query

Following peer dependencies have to be installed into your project. These are not included in @xchainjs/xchain-midgard-query.

yarn add @xchainjs/xchain-client @xchainjs/xchain-util @xchainjs/xchain-midgard axios axios-retry bignumber.js

Basic usage examples

import { AssetBTC } from '@xchainjs/xchain-bitcoin'
import { AssetATOM } from '@xchainjs/xchain-cosmos'
import { Midgard, MidgardCache, MidgardQuery, SaversPosition } from '@xchainjs/xchain-midgard-query'
import { Network } from '@xchainjs/xchain-client'

const saverBtc: getSaver = {
  asset: AssetBTC,
  address: '',
const saverAtom: getSaver = {
  asset: AssetATOM,
  address: '',

const midgardCache = new MidgardCache(new Midgard(Network.Testnet))
const midgardQuery = new MidgardQuery(midgardCache)
// Get saver positions (cached)
const getSavers: SaversPosition[] = await midgardQuery.getSaverPositions([saverAtom, saverBtc])
// Get thorname info (no cached)
const thorname = await midgardQuery.midgardCache.midgard.getTHORNameDetails('gx')